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How it started

Sometime in 2011, one of us found some information about Children of Africa Project, that has running for a couple of years managed by Lutheran Church SCEAV in Trinec, Czech Republic.
Many of us have had a desire in our hearts to support education of children in Africa. We contacted Michal Klus, priest in Trinec, who is the head of the Children of Africa Project.
In June 2011, we went directly to Trinec, where we spoke about specific opportunities to participate in the project. In August, we started supporting the children in Christian Elementary School LEA in Dongobesh, just like our brothers and sisters in Trinec.
In February 2012, Michal Klus visited Kosice and introduced us the details of the project. The number of supported children grew to seven throughout the year.
In the mean time, we had been thinking about developing the project further. We got an opportunity in October 2012. One of us traveled to Dongobesh. There he contacted the director of a Christian Secondary School Yedidia (YEDIDIASS = YEDIDIA Secondary School) in the village of Maretadu. Based on the documentary that he recorded there, we saw the poverty of people and their struggle to provide education to their children to make a better life.

After the return, we discussed whether we should continue our current work or start a new project. Our friends in Trines encouraged us to make a step of faith and understand that even if we can only give a little it can brig a big change in the lives of the local people.  This led us to starting our own project and we decided to support the YEDIDIA Secondary School in Maretadu.

How it Continues

After an agreement with our friends in Trinec, we continue to support the children in Dongobesh but we also started our own project. We are very thankful for the support and know-how from Trinec. We are using the same name for the project and we want to keep cooperating. More information about the Czech project can be found

There is a new chapter of support ahead of us in Yedidiass in Maretadu. The visit of pastor Zach Malekwu from Tanzania in 2013 was a great impulse for us and our work on the project.

In 2014, one of our team members Laco Ivanecký visited the place.  You can read more about his visit on our website in Gallery/African Diary.

In 2015, the director of the Elementary School LEA Martin Tango visited Kosice and Trinec and gave us details also about YEDIDIASS.

At the end of 2015 three members of our team Milka, Ondrej, and Marika visited Tanzania.  They had an opportunity to see the schools LEA and YEDIDIASS and talk to the teachers and students..

The director of YEDIDIASS, Paulo Bura Hhoko, has visited Kosice to get inspiration for his work in 2017.

In 2018, our team members Leo, had a chance to see the finished project of science laboratory YEDIDIASS.

A year later, in January 2019, Laco visited Tanzania to discuss some important matters regarding the support of the school.

Two volunteers worked at the school since August 2018 to March 2019, Lucka Trnkócyová, and Majka Petrejčíková.

We are very happy that the number of supporters, who regularly support students and other projects in Yedidiass is growing and we hope that we can find even more people, who will understand the importance of this support. All of the information about our work can be found on our website.

Civic Association Deti Afriky SK  (the project was run by OZ Kairos in the past)

Team members of Children of Africa:  Ladislav Ivanecký, Milena Kačmarčíková,  Ondrej Kolárovský, Leopold Lorinc, Dana Marková, Mária Velebná

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1st picture from the left: Danka, Milka, Marika, Leo, Laco, Ondrej