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Junior Justin

boy, 14-year-old

Form one

Comes from Arusha.

Parents are living together, but they do not communicate and have relationship problems.

He has one sister. His father is working as a tour guide at Tembo adventure. But he doesn't want to support his son in studies.  Mother is not working. His sister 18,  is staying at home and helping his mother.  Even his father has a good job he is not supporting his family he is not paying for his children. His mother even she has no income needs to pay for all needs of children. Father of the family is abusing the children, he is beating them and not care about them. Junior wants to leave this family because father is abusing his mother and daughter physically. So he can take care of his mother and sister and build home for them so they don't have to live with their father.

In the future Junior wants to be a pilot, for that reason his favourite subject is Geography.

In his free time Junior likes to play football, his favourite sports team is Chelsea and Simba.

Junior Justin: “I will be trying until I will succeed so I can be a pilot one day, and take care of my family.”

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Support request published 18.2.2019.

Pascali Isaay

boy, 16-year-old

Form One

Comes from Mbulu

His family is not able to pay for school.  He does not have father. His father died when he was 7 years old. He has 3 brothers and 8 sisters. Pascali is the youngest.  The oldest brother is around 39 he has his own family.  His family are farmers so they keep plants and cattle for their consumption. His mother is not working.  Pascali was studying at Dongobesh public primary school.

 In the future he wants to be doctor. Because he wants to help people, and his family so they can have better future. In his free time he likes to play football, his favorite sports team is Chelsia. From Tanzania Young African football club. He watches football in his home with his family. His favorite subjects are Biology, Physics and Chemistry.

Pascali Isaay: “I will put more effort in studies to do not disappoint my sponsors.”

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Support request published 18.2.2019.