Waiting for support

Timotheo Tumaini Naman

boy, 14-year-old

Form One

He has both parents. A father was a drunker but now he is saved. They don’t have their own house instead they are living in their grandfather’s house. They are cultivating maize and beans for family use as food. His mother is also growing vegetables for business in small scale. They have only four cows.

He has completed Primary School in 2018 and he successfully passed his National Examination to join Secondary School. But his parents failed to support him in joining secondary school. But later he joined Yedidia secondary school were in the first monthly Test he obtained very good  results in Mats, Physics and Geograhy.

He likes playing football and volleyball. His favourite team in Tanzania is Simba Sports Club, also he like Barcelona Football Club.

In the future he wants to be a Bank Manager.

Reasons for asking for supportHis parents are unemployed and they are economically poor so they can not able to pay school fees.

Bank symbol : 1090

Support request published 2.4.2019.

Paulo Eliya Dawido

man, 22-year-old

Form Five

Future plan: to be a Doctor

Hobbies:  playing  football 

Reason for asking support: Father is lame Cripple. They don't have  their own land, they are renting  land. They grow maize  and beans  for their daily  food.

He passed form four National exam but he failed  to  join public  School  due to economic  problem . 

Bank symbol:  1091

Support request published:  24.4.2019.

Rehema Thomas Mwanga

girl, 18-year-old

Form Two

In the future she want to be a Pastor.

Hobbies: She like playing netball. 

She comes from Manyoni District in Singida Region. She has both two parents. Her father  is an Evanjelist who   now is in college for further studies to  be a Pastor  of Lutheran Church . His  salary is  40 USD per month.  Her mother is unemployed. In her family they are seven children, where she has three brothers and three sisters. She is the sixth one among the seven children. Her older brothers  are still studying and other two sisters are also studying, but one sister was married. They are growing maize, sunflower and groundnuts for family consumption. Generally  the family is unable to pay the school fees for their child.

She completed her primary education in 2016,at Gawidu primary school where she successfully passed her exams. But she failed to join a public secondary school due to failure to pay the school fees. Then after she joined Yedidia secondary school until now. She like studying Biology, Chemistry and Geography.

Bank symbol:  1092

Support request published:  24.4.2019.