We are very happy, you are considering to support out Children of Africa project.

We believe that the contributions of individual donors are very meaningful and every one of us can bring a positive change. You can support students, teachers, or volunteers that we send to Tanzania, construction of dormitory and other projects. It is up to you whether you choose to donate one time or regularly.

If you decide to contribute to our project, your contribution will be used in full for the chosen purpose. Our project is unique because all of our administration expenses are fully funded from our own resources.

Contribution options

Regular monthly contributions

  1. 1.       20 € – direct support of students – duration 4 years

The students chosen for this program are selected by the director and school board. They come from disadvantaged families – single mothers, neglecting father, alcoholism in the family, handicap, etc. without your support, these students would have no access to education.

Variable bank symbol will be sent to you after selecting a specific student through the website.

  1. 2.       15 € – Supporting the teachers – duration 1 year

High school Yedidia is a private school based on Christian values. Teacher’s salary is much lower compared to public school. This leads to high fluctuation and has negative impact on the student’s results. Help us stabilize the group of teachers by creating a fund for support and education for teachers.

Variable bank symbol: 2400

  1. 3.        10 € – Fruit program – duration 1 year

The food at Yedidia high school is unvaried – usually it is corn meal ugali and beans. Our goal is to provide fruit to students at least twice a week. Your contribution will be used for purchase of fruit to go with the lunch and purchase of fruit trees that will be planted at the school campus and will lead to increased self-sufficiency of the school in future.

Variable bank symbol: 2700

Irregular contribution:

The sum is voluntary.

  1. 1.       Support of volunteers – variable bank symbol 2320

An important part of our project is sending volunteers to Tanzania within INVYT program. All of the expenses are covered in cooperation with Czech project Children of Africa.

  1. 2.       Support for dormitory construction – variable bank symbol 2620

Financial contribution will be used for the construction of dormitory for girls. High school Yedidia is located in Tanzania close to the village of Maretadu. The students live in rented houses in the village without proper infrastructure and adult supervision. The dormitory building is under construction.

  1. 3.       General support of the project – variable bank symbol 3000

Your contribution will be used for the most pressing and current needs of the project.

In case of any questions contact us at:  detiafriky@detiafriky.sk