Support in the project Deti Afriky SK (Children of Africa SK)

We are very happy, you are considering to support out Children of Africa project.

We believe that the contributions of individual donors are very meaningful and every one of us can bring a positive change.
You can support students, teachers, or volunteers that we send to Tanzania, construction of dormitory and other projects.
It is up to you whether you choose to donate regularly  or one-time.

If you decide to contribute to our project, your contribution will be used in full for the chosen purpose.
Our project is unique because all of our administration expenses are fully funded from our own resources.

You can send your contribution to:
Bank account: 2801060897/8330
IBAN : SK3583300000002801060897

Variable symbol: based on the contribution of your choice
In case of any questions contact us at:

Support options in the project Deti Afriky SK:


Direct support od students 30 € per month during7 years – variable bank symbol (BS) is at at the child´s name

Fruit program  10€ per month during 1 year –  variable bank symbol (BS) is 2700

Supporting the teachers  15 € per month during 1 year –  variable bank symbol (BS) is 2400


Support of volunteers – voluntary sum – variable bank symbol (BS) is 2320

Sports program for ELIET – voluntary sum – variable bank symbol (BS) is 2500

General support of the project – voluntary sum – variable bank symbol (BS) is 3000

We look forward to introducing our project to your community. As a bonus, we offer real African coffee and tea.

If you like a programmer, graphic designer or in your free time you like to work on social networks, we will be happy if you help us improve our work. If you do not know any of the above, but have a desire to help poor children and young people in Tanzania, contact us.

If you like what we do, help us spread the idea of ​​helping by sharing our Facebook or Youtube channel.