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The beginnings of our project are connected with the year 2011 and with the Evangelical Church SCEAV in Třinec. This church, led by pastor Michael Klus, had the project Children of Africa on its agenda and supported children from Christian Primary School LEA in Dongobesh. Many of us had the desire in our heart to support the education of children in Africa. We started to support children from LEA school. However, after the visit to Dongobesh in 2012, the situation has changed. We made contact with the headmaster of Christian High School Yedidia (YEDIDIASS = YEDIDIA Secondary School)Paul Bura Hhoko in the village of Maretadu and decided to launch our own project. Our partners from Třinec encouraged us to this step of faith by saying: „The little we can give can make a big difference in the lives of people there.“

Our cooperation with friends from Třinec continues. Together we discuss  many things, visit supported schools, organize a visit of African collaborators and send volunteers there. More information about the project in the Czech Republic is available at www.detiafriky.cz.

In 2020, we started supporting school ELIET in Haydom and in 2023 school SIDAY in the town Mbulu.

In 2022, we endeded the support of the YEDIDIAhigh school in Maretadu.

Activities of our project are covered by the Civic Association Children of Africa SK (in the past the project was operated under the Kairos OZ). Its members were from the beginning: Danka, Laco, Leo and Ondrej. After visiting Africa in 2016, they joined Milka and Marika. Majka joined the team in 2019 when she returned from a volunteer service in Maretadu. Jaro joined the team in 2023, also after visiting supported schools in May 2023. Danka left the team in 2022. Each member brings their talent to this service, supports a student or a teacher o some program and strives for the prosperity of the project.

We look forward to seeing a growing number of those who support students on a monthly basis and various projects in Yedidiass and Eliet, and we believe that there will be even more people who have the understanding and enthusiasm for this form of assistance.

Everything you need about our work can be found on our website.

Email us at detiafriky@detiafriky.sk

Contact: OZ Deti Afriky SK, Toryská 1/G, 04011 Košice, IČO : 50440535

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