We started supporting the ELIET school in Haydom in 2020. Thanks to your generous and heartfelt services, we have implemented the following projects with God’s help.

State to 31.12.2022

  1. We supported the children with the amount of €8940.
  2. We supported two orphans placed in families with the amount of €1080.
  3. We contributed  € 4500 to the construction of two buildings, in which there are classrooms and in one an office for teachers.
  4. A begrudged sent the school accountant a reward of €100 .

State to 31.12.2021

  1. We supported 17 children. The monthly child allowance is € 30.
  2. We contributed to the purchase of textbooks in the amount of 2480 €
  3. SZŠ na Kukučínová in Košice contributed € 200 for the purchase of a 3D model – aids for teaching biology.
  4. We contributed financially to the construction of a kitchen on the school premises in the amount of € 1,500.
  5. An unknown generous donor bought an 2 insulin pens in the amount of € 2×100 for a diabetic student.
  6. One orphan is housed in the family. We support her and her family with € 60 a month.
  7. We contributed € 700 to teachers and other school staff on a joint trip to Tarangire National Park. His goal was to build good relationships between teachers.
  8. A special donor contributed € 120 to the school’s accountant.
Construction of new classrooms, in the campus
of the ELIET school.

Teachers from Eliet on a trip to Tarangire NP

Dr. Nuwass visiting an adoptive family