Dear supporters of the YEDIDIA school in Maretadu!

After ten years we ending our support of YEDIDIA High School. We offer you a balance sheet of what we have done at the school whith your help. You can see the genesis of this project in the OUR PROJECT section. So it is time to take stock of what we have achieved, together with you and especially with God’s help.

Our work was not and will not be about seeking our own pleasure and recognition, but about glorifying God by serving others.

COMPLETED PROJECTS – until 31.12.2022
1. Student support  
We supported 38 students with a total amount of €5020. Supporters contributed €20 per month.

2. School principal support  
We supported the school principal Paul with €30.

3. Fruit program  
We supported this program with the amount of €240.

4. Construction  projects
We contributed € 2072 to the completion of the dormitory.

COMPLETED PROJECTS – until 31.12.2021

In Maretadu, and thus also at YEDIDIA, electricity is finally introduced.
We contributed € 1,300 to the material needed to make it work.
We contributed € 280 to the purchase of a receipt machine, which the school had to buy by government order.

1. Student support
The number of supported students dropped to 38 because we no longer accept more students. We will support these until the end of our studies. Supporters contribute € 20 per month.
2. School principal support
Three members of our team continue to support Paul with € 30 a month.
3. Fruit program
We support this program with € 30 per month. The goal is for students to receive fruit at least once a week. They buy fruit on the market, but they can already grow something in school orchards.
4. Volunteers
We supported the stay of three volunteers in the amount of € 1,010, who have been in Dongobeshi since August 2021 and also attend YEDIDIA school once a week.
1. Delivery
There are still no two buildings on the school premises. Dormitory and classroom with library. We supported the completion with € 2,000.

Even during this period, we helped the school principal with a repayable loan.
– € 1,500 to buy seeds and trees for the school park.
– € 250 for the purchase of electrical materials when introducing electricity.

COMPLETED PROJECTS – until 30.6.2020
1. building two in one
he building is on the school premises, has 8 rooms, toilets and a kitchen. It is used to accommodate the school principal, volunteers, guests and, in special cases, some teachers or students.
2. science laboratory
Building a laboratory was a necessary condition for obtaining school certification. The laboratory is equipped above standard and also serves as a classroom for teaching science subjects.
3. student support
From 2013 to 2020, we supported 59 students. We still support 41 students until they finish their studies.
4. purchase of a solar panel
The solar panel was necessary for the production of electricity for aids (projector, laptop, microscope), equipment (music equipment), but also for the needs of the inhabitants of the two-in-one building (volunteers, school principal).
5. sending volunteers
We supported 9 volunteers who worked in Dongobeshi (LEA school), but also in Maretad. From August 2018 to March 2019, volunteers Mária Petrejčíková and Lucia Trnkócyová worked directly at YEDIDIA.
6. equipment for volunteers
It was necessary to buy a stove and a water tank in a modest apartment for volunteers (in a two-in-one building).
7. copier
A copier was purchased for the school so that teachers could prepare mainly tests for students and thus improve their readiness for state testing.
8. teaching aids and teaching equipment
We supported the purchase of school supplies (rulers, maps, Mendeleev’s wall table of chemical elements, textbooks, pens, pencils, markers, calculators, compasses, microscope, notebook, data projector)
9. greenhouse
The greenhouse was set up on the school premises by volunteers and students continue to do so.
10. the well
We managed to find a source of drinking water on the school premises and build a well with our contribution. Water had previously been imported at night from a distance of about 3 km. We contributed to the purchase of the pump.
11. trees
The school established an orchard on its premises and we contributed by buying trees. The grown fruit will be delivered to the Fruit Program.
12. class equipment
We equipped one classroom with furniture (benches, chairs, a desk for a teacher). The class thus obtained the required standard so that students could take state exams.
13. Diesel engine
The equipment for the production of electricity was donated to the school by members of the Apostolic Church in Košice.
14. volleyball court
Complete equipment (net, metal poles, balls, pump) was purchased for the playground and volunteers Majka and Lucka matured for its implementation and use.
15. textbooks
135 textbooks of the teachers’ choice were purchased for the school. Volunteers also participated in this event.
16. beds
We bought beds for the upcoming dormitory.
1. student support
We support 41 students until they finish their studies.
2. support of the school principal
Paulo, the school principal, is financially supported by three members of the DA team.
3. fruit program
We finance the purchase of fruit that students receive once a week for lunch. The variety of fruits depends on seasonal possibilities. It is currently being established on the premises of the school orchard, where they will grow the necessary fruit themselves.
This program was significantly supported by the collection of students of the Kežmarská 28 primary school in Košice.
1. boarding school construction
A dormitory is being built for girls on the school grounds. Living in a private house in Maretad is about 3 km away from the school, it is in unsatisfactory conditions and dangerous for teenage girls.
School principal Paulo Bura Hhoko sometimes has to react quickly to the situation. If he is without sufficient funds, we will provide him with a loan or buy the necessary things
1. purchases:
– seed for sowing before the rainy season
– tests to prepare students for state exams
2. posts:
– for the construction of a girls’ boarding school (building material)
– on teachers’ salaries
– for the reward of 4 students who achieved excellent results in state exams (motivation)
– to the film The Road to Generosity, which also serves to promote our activities
– for Paul’s personal needs (motorcycle repair, trip to Slovakia, …)
3. loans:
– for the purchase of musical equipment, which they use for morning performances, performances for guests, rehearsal of songs for services, other events)
–  to advertise the school on local radio

Teaching staff during the 4th year graduations day

Volunteers Ondřej, Milka and Tereza

In front of the building two in one

Science laboratory

School supplies for Yss

Fruit program

Ruth Shule – the best student at Yss

Construction activity in the area of ​​Yss

Irrigation in a new orchard