age: 4 years old
sex: boy

In his family he is the  first born. He comes from  Mbulu District in Manyara Region. His mother got pregnant when she was at school for studying so there was no official marriage and his father is not known. His mother is currently taking care for him. The boy is now in baby class. His hobby is watching music. He wants to become a teacher. His mother is not good economically to support his study. We are looking for a sponsor to support him in his study.

bank symbol: 5011


age: 5 years old
sex: boy

He is the last born in the family of five children living in Mbulu District in Manyara Region. His father had two wives and Kesi is the last child of the first wife. The father passed away and the life of the family became difficult.  His hobby is studying magazines. He is in standard one. He wants to become a lawyer in the future. His mother is not interested in her son's education. She is not a person to pay for his school fees. We are in need of someone who can help him in sponsoring his study.

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