age: 6 years old
sex: girl

The child's mother, Lucy Pissi, became pregnant while still in high school, but her partner left. Her sister took care of her. Lucy Pissi wants to finish high school and also wants her daughter to start school. He cannot expect financial help from anyone. She only asks for support for her daughter while she is studying.

bank symbol: 5013


age: 9 years old
sex: boy

Neema Augustino, the child's mother, became pregnant during high school. The child's father refused to take care of them. So far, her parents have helped her, but it is no longer possible. Neema refused to give up the child, to give it to a relative who suggested it. She was left without financial support. Erick started going to school at the age of five. Neema asks for help so that Erick can continue his education while she is still studying.

bank symbol: 5014


age: 4 years old
sex: boy

Neythan was born the second son of Mary Simon Ndunguru. His older brother lives with his father, who left them during his second pregnancy and married another woman. Mary's desire is for Neythan to be healthy and educated. However, his own work fails to secure sufficient funds for his quality education.

bank symbol: 5015


age: 9 years old
sex: boy

Hubert comes from four siblings, three of whom currently go to school. Due to the poor economic situation of this family, Lucy Joseph Fissoo's mother is no longer able to pay for the education of all children. He wants Hubert to continue in his 2nd form. He asks for help, financial support for Hubert's education.

bank symbol: 5016