How to support

By sending a regular sum for supporting a specific student, whose family cannot afford the tuition, the monthly sum is 20 €.

The student receives full amount of the support!

If you would like to start supporting a student, please contact us at

Furthermore, the support can be sent towards finishing and providing the local infrastructure and equipment of the school. At the moment it represents the construction of the girl’s dormitory in the vicinity of the school.

IBAN : SK3583300000002801060897

Support of children’s needs Bank symbol 1999 (general support without regular commitment)

Support for young volunteers Bank symbol 2320

Support of teaching activities Yedidiass Bank symbol 2400

Support for dormitory construction Bank symbol 2620 

Support for FRUIT program Bank symbol. 2700

General support of the project           Bank symbol. 3000

General support of the project will be used only for the report and promotion of the project.